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    We preserve green life and,

    Change the agriculture culture

    SG HANKOOK SAMGONG who has pursued naturalism with taking care of people and nature for the last half century, will work harder for healthy foods and efficient crop production.

    농업문화를 변화시키는 기업

    Since 1968, when we started out, we have been a specialized company which has produced and provided safe and effective crop protection products for increasing food production and farm village rehabilitation.

    All products of SG HANKOOK SAMGONG are produced with high-tech facilities and broad knowledge. SG HANKOOK SAMGONG has been leading the pesticide industry in Korea with achieving recognition for awesome products and techniques in agricultural pesticide industry for past half century.
    Now, we will become a best company which can peer with world-leading companies in coming 21st century with our overtaking techniques.

    You are kindly requested to watch our future, making the prosperous future, together with human and nature.

    Continuous growth in order to
    improve the life quality
    • Creative human management

    • Challenging spirit

    • Pursue green growth

  • SG한국삼공 사옥
    With talented manpower and researches

    Realize scientific farming

    For developing most effective and safe protection products to our crop and our land, the Agricultural Research Institute of SG HANKOOK SAMGONG will provide a guide to product the safe agriculturals through high-tech facilities and testing design.

    농업문화를 변화시키는 기업

    The Agricultural Institute of SG HANKOOK SAMGONG is a top-class research institute which provides technical service and develops crop protection products as company-annexed research institute which is approved by MEST (Ministry of Education and Science Technology). In June 2011, we built the large-scaled research institute in Gimje, Jeollabuk-do, for developing more safe and effective crop protectants for human and nature, and for, advanced study for vast area of biotechnology and we are working on various researches there.

    From now on, the agricultural Institute of SG HANKOOK SAMGONG will move up to realize the scientific farming through more advanced studies with our talented researchers.

  • SG한국삼공 사옥
    For producing best products and stable supply,

    World-sized product line

    For stable supply of our best products to customers, SG HANKOOK SAMGONG actively made an investment on production facilities and professional manpower. Also through 1-day safe distribution system, we established delivery network in whole country.

    농업문화를 변화시키는 기업

    SG HANKOOK SAMGONG always has tried the best to produce and supply best products for the people’s health and prosperity of Korean farm village. For this, we have consistently invested in production facilities and professional manpower. Also we built high-tech automated production facility in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do, in December 2013 to produce 36,000 tons of products a year for an immediate producing and delivering where necessary. Also it laid groundwork to export beyond the local to global market with the outstanding technical skills.

    For bright future of Korean farming, and for all farmers all over the world who need the outstanding crop protectants, SG HANKOOK SAMGONG never stops operating product line.

  • 지점소개
    Through all our branches over the country

    We will always stay close
    and closer to farmers

    SG HANKOOK SAMGONG operates 12 branch offices with main office as central. Each office does the best to satisfy customers and is connected with each other as a network in our contury.

    농업문화를 변화시키는 기업

    Each branch office of SG HANKOOK SAMGONG educates and guides for the right and safe usage of agricultural chemical through solid marketing network, as well as does product sales and do the best for customer satisfaction. There are 12 branch offices in each administrative district including Wonju, Cheongju, Cheonan, Daejeon, Jeonju, Gwangju, Suncheon, Daegu, Andong, Changwon and Jeju as well as in Seoul. Through smooth communicating, quick product delivery, and prompt feedback, the 12 offices around the head office, connect SG HANKOOK SAMGONG to all crop protectant sellers and farmers in Korea with one axis.

Safety·Hygiene Policy

SG HANKOOK SAMGONG Iksan plant follows the safety·hygiene policy below. SG HANKOOK SAMGONG Iksan plant tries hard to make pleasant company and healthy society through continuous improvement and staff participation.

  1. We strictly follow concerned domestic and international laws and regulation
  2. We set objectives in safety·hygiene area and set·practice related safety·hygiene activities to achieve the objectives.
  3. Through staff participation to safety·hygiene activities, we make safe workplace and provide clean environment to neighbors through carrying out the roles of responsible corporate.
  4. Establish pleasant working environment through organizing and cleaning
  5. All staffs should obey and follow the duty and responsibility of safety·hygiene activities

Testing Area


    Physico-chemical test includes analysis of active ingredient, physical property test, and aging test of agrochemical to generate data required for new agrochemical registration. Formulation test is performed to improve the efficacy of agrochemical, and also ensure the safety of worker and labor-saving.


    In fungicide testing room, we diagnose the disease caused by fungi and bacteria on crops such as grains, vegetables and fruit trees. And we study several methods such as chemical control or cultivation method to control it and develop new fungicides.


    In insecticide testing room, we examine insect that harm crops or forest and develop excellent new agrochemical to prevent it. Also we study to develop new method of pest control and prescribe chemicals to reduce damage from the harmful insects.


    In herbicide testing room, we focus on developing safe and excellent herbicide to control troublesome weeds in the farmland. Also our research and development about control of weed should provide infonnation to be a leisure space and community facilities such as parks, lawns, waterways, roads carry out its functions properly.


    The residue analysis laboratory primarily perform residue analysis of agrochemical on crop and environmental sample. It is possible to determine a vety low concentration of agrochemicals in various matrices such as crop, soil and water by using high sensitive instruments(GC, HPLC, GC/MS, LC/MS/MS). Furthermore GLP certification for making data more reliable is planned in early 2017.


    In environmental toxicology laboratory, we conduct ecological toxicity test on environmental organisms to research the effect of chemicals including pesticides. We provide reliable and accurate test results by GLP(Good Laboratory Practice).


    "Clubroot" of Chinese cabbage is one of the most difficult disease to control. We can make a diagnosis the incidence of "clubroot" on Chinese cabbage caused by P/asmodiophora brassicae by measuring density of resting spore in soil.


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