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SG HANKOOK SAMGONG will focus on the development of high-tech
biotechnology to raise future value of our company,

And by fostering professional manpower, We will leap forward to be a representative Korean crop protectants company.

대표이사 한 태원
대표이사 한 태원

Since the foundation of our country, Korea has obtained outstanding achievements such as self-sufficient in food thru food production increase and providing the safe foods to the people thru safe agricultural production, and as an advanced crop producing/protecting country through world-class biotechnological infrastructure. And in the center of it, there was SG HANKOOK SAMGONG, which made it possible. As a new issue in 21st century, the era of environmental-friendly agricultural products is opening new opportunities and challenges to us.

To keep pace with this paradigm, SG HANKOOK SAMGONG will aggressively invest in biotechnology development which enhances future value of the corporate. Also through fostering professional manpower to specialize and promote protectant industry, we will secure stable income and lead strengthening the competitiveness of environmental-friendly crop protectant industry.

Also we are preparing to move into the offshore agriculture market aggressively, having the core technology by using know-how and specialized technology, based on the achievement we have made so far in crop protectant field.

Now, SG HANKOOK SAMGONG will be a leading Korean agriculture company and will also work expand to global market with challenge spirit, finally being a global company of the general agricultural products. You are kindly requested to watch our SG HANKOOK SAMGONG constantly changes and renovates ourselves.